Survivors of Torture

Who do we help?

We assist all survivors of torture and their families regardless of immigration status.

Why do we help?

Philadelphia and its surrounding area are home to an estimated 3,000 torture survivors. In most medical, legal, and social service settings, they will encounter staff who lack the expertise to recognize their unique needs.  Victims and their relatives may find themselves isolated and unsupported as they try to cope with life after torture.

How do we help?

HIAS Pennsylvania and its sister agency, the Nationalities Service Center, collaborate to address the needs of torture survivors and their families through the Philadelphia Partnership for Resilience (PPR). PPR assists survivors and their families with their legal, social, case management, medical, and mental health needs. Within PPR, HIAS Pennsylvania provides legal services, discussing legal options and assisting torture survivors in applying for legal relief.

PPR also trains other professionals to identify and serve survivors of torture and their families.

Are you a Survivor of Torture who needs help?

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