Refugees and immigrants are impacted by federal, state and local laws, policies and procedures every single day.

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Advocate for Asylees Coming from Texas

Asylees at the southern border need immediate work authorization, a revocation of Title 42, and financial sponsorship. Advocate for them today!


Advocacy Call/Letter Scripts

Contact your legislators and advocate for just immigration policies using our call and letter scripts.

Advocate for Afghan Refugees

The US government must waive fees and provide work authorization and public benefits to ALL refugees arriving from Afghanistan.

Haitians Also Need Our Help

Between the effects of climate change, ongoing political turmoil, floods, and earthquakes, Haitian refugees need our help. Learn more about how you can help Haitian refugees find security in the United States.

Advocacy is not just about doing, it’s also about educating.

See our Talking Points so you can feel comfortable talking about advocacy issues and educating your community about immigration.

Advocate for Ukrainians

As of today, 2 million people have been forced to flee Ukraine because of Russia’s invasion.