HIAS Pennsylvania can only serve refugees if they are allowed into the country. We can only help support immigrants with legal services if vulnerable immigrants are given protections from the government. You can advocate for just policies for refugees and immigrants by calling your representative, protesting, and more.

Call to Action

A new proposed rule by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EIOR) seeks to bar many people from applying for or gaining asylum. This proposed rule would create seven new categories under which to bar people from attaining asylum, make it more difficult for states courts to change sentences or vacate criminal convictions, and eliminate automatic review of denied asylum cases. Submit a comment to make sure this criminalization of immigration does not happen.

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Advocacy is not just about doing, it’s also about educating.

See our Talking Points so you can feel comfortable talking about advocacy issues and educating your community about immigration.

Educate yourself and others

If you want to bring in a HIAS Pennsylvania expert to educate your group about immigration, check out our services for groups.