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From their first steps on American soil to the oath of citizenship, HIAS Pennsylvania helps immigrants navigate the complexities of American society and its legal system. Our work spans legal, social support, and citizenship services.

If you are a new client trying to access our services, please call us during our intake hours. Before doing this, please see our eligibility criteria to determine if you qualify for our services.

All immigrants are vulnerable, but some groups are especially so. HIAS Pennsylvania specialists provide expert support to refugees, asylees, the young, the old, the disabled, survivors of torture, victims of domestic violence, and victims of crime that occurred in the US.

HIAS Pennsylvania cannot do our work without the help of partners. Learn more about our partners and access other resources for those seeking services.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) administers the country’s immigration benefits. We’ve gathered useful information that you might need as you navigate US immigration.