Asylees (Asylee Outreach Program)

Who do we help?

Asylees, like refugees, flee their homes to escape persecution. In fact, asylees meet the international definition of refugees. However, refugees are granted asylum before they enter the country while asylees are granted asylum after they have enter the U.S. or at a port of entry.  To achieve legal status as an asylee, an asylum seeker must be found by a U.S. court to have a reasonable fear of persecution. Through our Asylee Outreach Program, we provide asylees with legal and social services after they have received asylum.

Why do we help?

While the U.S. government connects refugees to a resetttlement agency to help them when they arrive, asylees are on their own. Some asylees begin their time in the US in detention and are released with nothing but the clothes on their back. Others have been living in the country, but in limbo. Many have been living without seeing their family members for years.

How do we help?

We help asylees navigate the complexities of American life, just as we do refugees. We provide legal services, including the steps needed to reunite with their families and apply for green cards. We help them apply for the identification documents that ensure they can get a job and connect them to housing, health care, English as a Second Language classes, and benefits they need until they can become self-sufficient. We enroll eligible individuals in our employment program or immigrant wellness program.


Have you already received asylum and need help?

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