Immigrant Victims of Crime

Who do we help?

Immigrant victims of crimes that occur in the US, and their immediate relatives, can turn to us for free expert help.

Why do we help?

Too often, immigrant victims do not report crimes for fear of detection and, ultimately, deportation. By helping clients navigate the process of reporting a crime, its investigation, and a final trial if one occurs, we empower victims to access the help they deserve so they can begin to heal.

How do we help?

HIAS Pennsylvania in collaboration with our sister agencies, Justice at Work and Victim/Witness Services of South Philadelphia, guides victims and their relatives through their interactions with law enforcement agencies, work with them on legal issues, and provide social services support to address needs arising from injuries associated with the crime.  In addition to advocacy and support throughout their dealings with law personnel, we can help them apply for U Visas, obtain work authorizations, and defend against removal.

Need help with an immigration matter?

Get help today! Call HIAS Pennsylvania at (215) 832-0900 and requesting to speak to a member of the Immigrants Victims of Crime (IVOC) team.