Immigrant Youth

Who do we help?

We provide free legal representation on immigration matters to youth, including:

  • Youth in foster care.
  • Youth receiving services from the Philadelphia Department of Human Services or other child welfare agencies.
  • Youth in the custody of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.
  • Youth facing removal proceedings in Immigration Court.
  • Youth who have experienced human trafficking.
  • Other youth in our community with immigration legal needs.

Why do we help?

Youth with uncertain immigration status must live in the shadows, unable to secure basic support such as health care, lawful employment, social security cards, and higher education. They are completely vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and harm. Many of them face imminent deportation to places where their lives would be endangered.

How do we help?

In an increasingly complicated legal landscape, our staff advises our young clients on the pathways forward and zealously advocates for legal remedies. We defend children against deportation and help them gain immigration status, obtain Lawful Permanent Residency, or replace crucial documents. Often, a child must make a credible claim of harm to qualify for humanitarian protection, such as asylum, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, or certain visas for victims of crime or trafficking.

We reach out to immigrant children by partnering with schools and community-based organizations to deliver Know-Your-Rights training and free legal screenings in their communities. We also provide training to social workers, educators, lawyers, and other professionals around legal issues impacting immigrant youth.

Need help with an immigration matter?

Get help today! Please call HIAS Pennsylvania at (215) 832-0900, and specify that you are seeking legal services for an immigrant child.