All immigrants are vulnerable, but some groups are especially so. HIAS Pennsylvania specialists provide expert support to the young, the old, the disabled, survivors of torture, victims of domestic violence, and victims of crime in the US. As part of our commitment, we also train other legal and social service professionals to help these most vulnerable immigrants. If you think we can help you, call us at 215-832-0900.


Refugees come to the US with nothing but a couple of pieces of luggage. Our staff helps them start over in Philadelphia, by helping them find homes, jobs, and more.

Domestic Violence Survivors

Already vulnerable, immigrants are much more likely to experience abuse than non-immigrants, and far less likely to leave their abusers.  Our advocates help immigrant survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault gain independence through legal status.

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Immigrant Youth

Immigrant Youth can be completely vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and harm. Our legal staff advises young clients on the pathways to stable legal status and zealously advocates for their rights. 

Survivors of Torture

The needs of torture victims often go unrecognized and unexpressed.  As a partner in the Philadelphia Partnership for Resilience, HIAS PA addresses the highly specific legal needs of these immigrants.

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Asylees (Asylee Outreach Program)

While refugees are granted asylum before they enter the US, asylees gain asylum through the US courts. Once they are granted asylum, our staff makes sure that they have all they need to navigate the complexities of American life.

Immigrant Victims of Crime (IVOC)

We empower victims to report crimes by helping them work with law enforcement and legal systems so they are less afraid of drawing attention to themselves.

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victims of crime
last year

Elderly and Disabled Immigrants

Naturalization has special urgency for elderly and disabled immigrants who must be able to access safety-net benefits to thrive.  HIAS PA has the largest program in Pennsylvania to assist elderly and disabled immigrants who have medical needs in applying for citizenship.

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