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The truth about Title 42

Read “Title 42: Myths and Facts” here. Letter to the Editor: The truth about Title 42 Title 42 is a… MORE

3 busloads of migrants from Texas arrive in Philadelphia: ‘Very good to be in this town’

“These are people [who have] traveled on foot through many countries. They’ve fled torture, persecution, and then to arrive, be… MORE

Title 42: Myths and Facts

Many of you may have followed, at least vaguely, the seemingly hysterical back and forth litigation about Title 42. And… MORE

‘Immigrant communities are welcome here’: Philly stands strong on sanctuary as Gov. Abbott sends buses from Texas

“Those years of immigrant-led battles to solidify Philadelphia’s sanctuary standing play an important role now, as the city welcomes bus… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-up: November 2022

Dear Friend, Immigrants are our country’s history and our country’s future. They bring with them the promise of what our… MORE

To Philly from Uganda: ‘Philadelphia is my sweet home’

“I have met good people here, including at HIAS Pennsylvania, which helps refugees, and have made my home here. A… MORE

Philadelphia organizations say they’ll be ready to help if migrant buses roll in

“HIAS Pennsylvania Executive Director Cathryn Miller-Wilson said they would help to get the migrants settled. She added such migrants are… MORE

Philadelphia City Council Preparing For Potential Migrant Arrivals

Watch HIAS PA Executive Director Cathryn Miller-Wilson discuss potential migrant arrivals from Texas.

Philadelphia preparing for possible arrival of migrants from Texas

“Once the migrants arrive, groups like HIAS Pennsylvania will be providing them with resources. ‘Some of the materials that we’re… MORE

Philadelphia officials confirm migrants from Texas could arrive by Tuesday

“Our plan is to help them navigate get to where they need to be,” Executive Director of HIAS Pennsylvania, Cathryn… MORE