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At HIAS Pennsylvania, we draw on the voices of so many people to give us strength: our clients, whose struggles here and abroad we need to understand; volunteers and interns, who reach beyond themselves to serve however they can; our donors, without whom we could not do our work; and our staff, who change lives every day. Listen with us. Add your voice to the ones you hear.

Weekly Wins Round-up: September 2022

Dear Friend, Myanmar. Afghanistan. Ukraine. Venezuela.  Clients have come to us from all of these countries in the past month,… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-Up: August 2022

Dear Friend, I was delighted to meet so many of you at our Open House a few weeks ago. After… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-Up: July 2022

Dear Friend of HIAS PA, We have reached a milestone in immigration policy—the life-changing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-Up: June 2022

Dear Friend of HIAS PA, Imagine having to rush to the Kabul airport on a moment’s notice, and amidst the… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-Up: May 2022

Dear Friend of HIAS PA, This month’s HIAS PA Wins, as always, are full of joys, large and small, but… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-up: April 2022

Dear Friend of HIAS PA, On April 21st, President Biden announced the “Uniting for Ukraine” program; this will institute a streamlined… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-up: March 2022

Dear Friend of HIAS PA, On March 24th, President Biden declared that the United States would welcome 100,000 Ukrainian refugees… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-up: February 2022

Dear HIAS PA Supporter, We are devastated about the war in Ukraine, and all of the tragedy striking Kyiv and… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-up: January 2022

Dear Friend of HIAS PA, This month’s HIAS PA Wins newsletter is special. Why? Well, first, because two of our… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-up: December 2021

Dear HIAS PA Supporter, Happy new year! I hope you and your family are doing well and having a healthy… MORE

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Thankful Together, formerly known as Refugee Thanksgiving, is happening TONIGHT at 6PM!

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POSTPONED! Speed Advocacy: Afghanistan

Today's Speed Advocacy: Afghanistan Facebook Live event has been postponed due to a worldwide Facebook outage. We will update you as soon as possible about rescheduling the event.