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At HIAS Pennsylvania, we draw on the voices of so many people to give us strength: our clients, whose struggles here and abroad we need to understand; volunteers and interns, who reach beyond themselves to serve however they can; our donors, without whom we could not do our work; and our staff, who change lives every day. Listen with us. Add your voice to the ones you hear.

Weekly Wins Monthly Round-up: July

If anything has become painfully apparent in the past few months, it is that the simple can easily become complex—just… MORE

Meet Our Staff: Michelle Nava

“I knew that I wanted to help my community the way HIAS PA helped my family.” -Michelle Nava We spoke… MORE

Weekly Wins Monthly Round-up: June

If there is one thing I have learned over these past couple of months, it is that we really are… MORE

Weekly Wins Monthly Round-up: COVID-19 Edition

Like you, I log onto my email these mornings with a mixture of dread and hope. Dread to learn of… MORE

Unemployed and Scared

Like hundreds of thousands of immigrants, Rosa* lost her job to COVID-19. Two advantages may help her survive: legal status… MORE

Volunteer Vignettes: Appointment Accompaniment Volunteer

Each accompaniment is a brand new experience: volunteers meet new individuals, families, challenges, and rewarding moments every time. Appointment Accompaniment… MORE

Fredy’s Story

You’ve seen Fredy’s story in pictures, now you can learn more: Fredy was born in a small village in Honduras…. MORE

Fredy’s Story: A New Comic Series

Marli’s Story

Our youngest Emma Lazarus Legacy Member, Marli, sent in this explanation of why she decided to commit some of her… MORE

Notes from the Border

Notes from the Border

HIAS Pennsylvania attorneys Rachel Rutter and Stephanie Lubert led a delegation of 7 pro bono attorneys through HIAS National to… MORE