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Jennifer Joseph, HIAS PA’s Deputy Director & Chief DEI Officer, is honored by the Office of Immigrant Affairs and the Mayor of Philadelphia

Jennifer Joseph, Deputy Director & Chief DEI Officer at HIAS PA, was invited by the Office of Immigrant Affairs to… MORE

Toddler reunited with parents in U.S. after being left behind in Afghanistan in August

“Refugee organizations took up Hadi’s case. He wrote letters asking for help and authorizing his brother to escort Hanzala on… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-Up: May 2022

Dear Friend of HIAS PA, This month’s HIAS PA Wins, as always, are full of joys, large and small, but… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-up: April 2022

Dear Friend of HIAS PA, On April 21st, President Biden announced the “Uniting for Ukraine” program; this will institute a streamlined… MORE

Watch it Now: Immigration Advocacy from a Faith-Based Perspective: A Virtual Panel Discussion Regarding the Religious Value of Welcoming the Stranger

Weekly Wins Round-up: March 2022

Dear Friend of HIAS PA, On March 24th, President Biden declared that the United States would welcome 100,000 Ukrainian refugees… MORE

100,000 Ukrainian refugees will soon be allowed to live in the U.S. Philly resettlement agencies are ready.

“Any number is great news,” said Cathryn Miller-Wilson, executive director of HIAS Pennsylvania, the immigrant-assistance organization in Philadelphia. “A hundred… MORE

A Philly immigration lawyer tries to help Ukrainian Americans desperate to get family members out of the war

“I’ve had a permanent stomachache,” Miller-Wilson said. “We’re looking at the 3 million or so fleeing Ukraine, but this is… MORE

VIDEO: Ukraine, Afghanistan, Haiti: Our World in Crisis

3/24 Update: Read our updated statement regarding President Biden’s recent announcement about Ukrainian refugees.

Hear from our Executive Director, Cathryn Miller-Wilson, who has provided a briefing about the global impact of the three worldwide displacement crises in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Haiti. Hear also about what HIAS PA is doing and not doing, why, and learn how you can help.


Advocacy Call/Letter Scripts

Want to advocate for immigrants, but don’t know where to start? We have included sample call and letter scripts to… MORE

TONIGHT: Join us at the table!Join us for Thankful Together!

Thankful Together, formerly known as Refugee Thanksgiving, is happening TONIGHT at 6PM!

Register here to join us tonight:

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The Annual Meeting starts at noon, but join us at 11:45AM for an informal chat before the event!

POSTPONED! Speed Advocacy: Afghanistan

Today's Speed Advocacy: Afghanistan Facebook Live event has been postponed due to a worldwide Facebook outage. We will update you as soon as possible about rescheduling the event.

Join us for Thankful TogetherWatch performances from cultural groups and immigrants from around Philadelphia.
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