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Notes from the Border

Notes from the Border

HIAS Pennsylvania attorneys Rachel Rutter and Stephanie Lubert led a delegation of 7 pro bono attorneys through HIAS National to… MORE

Diverse World: One Community

I am also reminded of the diversity and individuality that each person possesses . Although our thoughts, beliefs, and backgrounds… MORE

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In The News: The Scent of Saté

In an article discussing how Malaysian food brings together people of different races, religions, and cultures, chef Angelina Branca gives… MORE

In The News: Anti-semitism in Trump’s America echoes the anti-semitism many fled in Russia

“And now it’s my Syrian friend, who had lost two of his brothers to ISIS and was brought by HIAS—a… MORE

Upcoming P-CAN Sessions

Immigrant Imprisonment – The Facts Behind Family Separation and Detention

Today has been declared a national day to protest family (and individual) detention and family separation. Why should we protest… MORE

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A Staff Member at the Border: January 2019

“January 21, 2019 Tijuana Day One– And so it began. This morning, seven students and three faculty from the University… MORE