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Top Ten Ways to Support Immigrants and Refugees 

  1. Volunteer to support our social services, from setting up a newly arrived refugee family’s apartment to accompanying immigrants to their doctor appointments, to mentoring an immigrant family through our Philly Neighbor Program.
  2. Give household goods to help furnish a newly arrived refugee’s apartment.
  3. Donate to HIAS PA’s legal programs and ensure someone eligible for legal status in the US has the representation to make it happen.
  4. Start a Facebook/social media fundraising campaign, encouraging your friends and family to donate to HIAS PA.
  5. Invite a HIAS Pennsylvania speaker to come to your congregation, workplace, or club.
  6. Join the Emma Lazarus Society by putting HIAS Pennsylvania in your will or making us the beneficiary of an IRA or life insurance plan, ensuring HIAS Pennsylvania will be there to do our vital work for years to come.
  7. Become a Voice of Welcome, sustaining HIAS Pennsylvania’s work no matter what happens next through monthly donations. 
  8. Become a pro bono lawyer, and represent an immigrant client as they apply for asylum, a green card, or citizenship. 
  9. Buy new items or an Instacart gift card to ensure that immigrants have the items/food they need when they first arrive or in times of crisis. 
  10. Learn about how you can advocate for immigrants, from ensuring PA Driver’s Licenses are available to all to creating a pathway to citizenship for all immigrants.