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At HIAS Pennsylvania, we draw on the voices of so many people to give us strength: our clients, whose struggles here and abroad we need to understand; volunteers and interns, who reach beyond themselves to serve however they can; our donors, without whom we could not do our work; and our staff, who change lives every day. Listen with us. Add your voice to the ones you hear.

Meet Our Staff: Chloe Walton

“It’s a privilege and a challenge to be able to communicate with clients in a way that helps them understand… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-up: June 2021

Dear HIAS PA Supporter, On June 20th every year, we have the pleasure and honor of celebrating World Refugee Day,… MORE

Gay, Proud, and Secure: Illia’s Story

“Don’t let anyone keep you from being yourself.” Illia Matviienko, an LGBT client of HIAS PA’s Youth Team, spoke with… MORE

Meet Our Staff: Shaloo Jose

“I never thought that there was this side of law where we could make a difference in client’s lives, in… MORE

Watch It Now: What’s Really Happening at the Border?

Every year on June 6th we commemorate the MS St. Louis, a ship bearing refugees fleeing Nazi Germany which was… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-Up: May 2021

Dear HIAS PA Supporter, 50% of adults in the United States are fully vaccinated against COVID-19! What a way to… MORE

What’s Happening in the Refugee Program?

In recent weeks, continuing shifts in federal policy have kept refugees in the news. We asked Jenny LaMotte, manager of… MORE

Who are the children coming from the border to Pennsylvania?

HIAS Pennsylvania is the state’s largest provider of immigration legal services to immigrant children and youth. We spoke with Tatiana… MORE

Holidays Around the World – Ramadan

Men praying during Ramadan at the Shrine of Ali or “Blue Mosque” in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan Holidays Around the World! Celebrate… MORE

Weekly Wins Round-Up: April 2021

Dear HIAS PA Supporter, I want to thank everyone who joined us at and donated to the 2021 Golden Door… MORE

TONIGHT: Join us at the table!Join us for Thankful Together!

Thankful Together, formerly known as Refugee Thanksgiving, is happening TONIGHT at 6PM!

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The Annual Meeting starts at noon, but join us at 11:45AM for an informal chat before the event!

POSTPONED! Speed Advocacy: Afghanistan

Today's Speed Advocacy: Afghanistan Facebook Live event has been postponed due to a worldwide Facebook outage. We will update you as soon as possible about rescheduling the event.