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Three Ways to Advocate for Immigrants During COVID-19

During these difficult times, immigrants are often being made more vulnerable due to government policies. Here are three ways you can advocate to support them:

  1. COVID-19 legislation enacted to date leaves immigrant families behind. Tell Congress to enact legislation that ensures that all individuals have access to health and support, making our communities healthier and stronger. Ask for legislation that 1) eliminates barriers to health screenings, 2) provides diagnosis and treatment, and 3) supports other basic needs for immigrant families. Act now.
  2. Immigrants in detention are at especially high risk of catching COVID-19. Ask your Member of Congress or Governor to pressure ICE to release them. Learn more here.
  3. Nearly 30,000 DACA recipients are on the front lines of COVID-19 as healthcare workers. Another 170,000 are essential workers. They should not have to worry about potentially being deported if the Supreme Court decides against them. Call your Congressperson now to ask for legislation providing DACA and TPS recipients a path to citizenship.