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Thankful Reflections

Dear HIAS PA Supporter,

I feel invigorated and inspired after our spectacular Thankful Together event on Sunday! Thanks to all of you who were able to join us and celebrate our vibrant, resilient, immigrant communities with us once again at our virtual Thanksgiving table. (While I’m disappointed we had to remain virtual, if you were unable to attend or want to watch again, you can access the show on our website or YouTube channel.) The performances were as vibrant, inspiring, and diverse as the performers. Living in an incredibly diverse country means we can sometimes take for granted the constant access we have to a rich variety of cultures, and the food, arts, and experiences that come with them.

One of our clients, who recently arrived from Afghanistan and attended our Thankful Together celebration, noted during one of the performances, “the differences make cultures valuable and unique.” His words struck me and made me realize, you, our HIAS PA community, illustrate how we are all part of that patchwork quilt America represents, and how our differences strengthen our country.

This year, there are many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve our clients and witness their courage beginning a new life amidst uncertainty and trauma. I am thankful for all of you who support our work, and allow us to continue to serve those who deserve nothing better than to be surrounded by loved ones and family. I am grateful for everyone who welcomes immigrants with open arms, and for anyone who instills goodness into our nation. I’m also grateful for the incredible outpouring of support from all of you to warmly welcome Afghan refugees to our city.

Tonight, as I eat my Thanksgiving meal surrounded by my beloved family, I will think of all of you, and I will remain hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. Thanksgiving has become a time for gratitude, togetherness, and sharing a meal with loved ones. From all of us at HIAS Pennsylvania to you, we wish you a happy, restful, and thoughtful Thanksgiving holiday.

In gratitude,

Cathryn Miller-Wilson
Executive Director