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We are heartbroken over the unjust death of George Floyd. We have made many statements against injustices in the past, but the death of George Floyd needs way more than making a statement. We can’t stand the repeated failures to recognize the urgent need for a complete overhaul of how police operate – from training at the police academy to continuous on the job training, re-training and oversight. Statements can be powerful because words are powerful. But peaceful protests have erupted into anger because words are not enough. We have spoken the words. We have worn the t-shirts, tweeted the hashtags, created the signs and written the op-eds. They have fallen on deaf ears. It’s time to act. They have fallen on deaf ears. It’s time to act.

White privilege is not just a catchy phrase. White people can do all of these things (copied from a facebook post) without thinking twice. The list is worth publishing and reading because it’s not just about considering privilege, it’s about really thinking about what it is like to be black in America. Taking action starts with truly understanding this reality. And demanding that it stop.