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A Message to Our Clients

To our clients,

We know that the events of Wednesday, January 6th, were in some ways far more troubling for you – many of whom fled your own homelands precisely because of what we all witnessed on Wednesday – than for those of us who have never had to watch in horror as all that meant home was destroyed. We have been so glad to welcome you to what we thought was a stable haven and we understand why you are now questioning everything. We want to write to reassure you, but we know that we cannot make promises or guarantees.

But here is what we do know. HIAS PA is more committed than ever to peaceful resolutions. We are challenged in this moment but continue because we believe in this country. We believe in its promise. We believe in the ideals embodied in our Constitution. And we believe that having you here, working with you, welcoming you and standing side by side with you is how we make sure that the U.S. will continue and our democracy will survive. Please don’t give up on this country you have chosen. Please keep fighting, as we will continue to do, for your right to participate in this country. In the end, our country will be made stronger when those who know what it means to lose a homeland work with the rest of us to preserve this one. We are grateful for your presence here and we treasure our work together.