Madeline Artiga

Madeline Artiga

Madeline Artiga is the Asylee Outreach Program Paralegal at HIAS Pennsylvania.

She was born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador. She and her family moved to the United States in 2016, when she was 16 years old. She participated in the youth group (grupo de encuentro de Jóvenes en el Espíritu (Young Encounter Spirit) and was a group Leader/Volunteer at a church in El Salvador. Madeline trained and supervised children on religious ministries and outreach; developed or directed study courses or religious education programs within congregations; scheduled special events such as camps, conferences, meetings, seminars, or retreats; and attended workshops, seminars, or conferences to obtain program ideas, information, or resources.

In 2017, Madeline participated with “La Puerta Abierta” and “Barrio Ed Project Philadelphia.” During that time she participated in several trainings, workshops where she learned about the importance of immigrant rights, how to be heard in the US and how we can help immigrants. She is now studying her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Franklin University. Madeline speaks English and Spanish and is currently learning Dari to help the Afghan community.

Madeline joined HIAS Pennsylvania as a receptionist in November 2021 to help and serve the community.