Mohammad Sadiq Sadeed

Mohammad Sadiq Sadeed

Mohammad Sadiq Sadeed, HIAS Pennsylvania’s Office Manager, came to the US in September 2019 on a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV). For the past 6 months, he worked as a Benefits Outreach Specialist at Benefit Data Trust, an NGO that has a partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services. In this role, Sadiq provided screening and application services over the phone for SNAP, LIHEAP, and other government benefits.

Previously, Sadiq worked as a Travel Assistant with USAID at the US Embassy in Kabul for five years; this diplomatic work gave him and his family the opportunity to move to the US. While working at the US Embassy, Sadiq attended several trainings abroad, including Supervisory training, Customer Satisfaction training, Travel and Transportation Workshop, Travel Policy, E2I Solution Systems, Leadership, and more. He also obtained several awards from the USAID\US Embassy in Kabul such as the Mission Honor Award, Cash Award, Innovation Award, and Group Award.

Prior joining USAID in the US Embassy, Sadiq was employed by the Netherlands Embassy as an Office Manager and Finance Associate. In this role, he was mainly involved in HR, Finance, Administrative, Security and other related activities. He was also honored with several awards during his four years of employment with the Netherlands Embassy in Kabul.

Sadiq has also worked in multifunction positions with UNHCR, Save the Children, and other NGOs and private companies.

Sadiq has a Bachelor Degree from American University of Afghanistan, with a Major in Business and a Minor in Law. He is also in the last module of his online MBA with South Wales University UK.

In his spare time, Sadiq loves to read history books, play chess, and spend time with family and friends. His favorite sport is volleyball.