Asylee Outreach

An asylee, like a refugee, escapes their home because of persecution. Unlike a refugee, instead of gaining their refugee status abroad, and asylum seeker gains their status by going to U.S. court. An asylee is an individual who has gained asylum status from the U.S. courts.

While refugees are automatically connected to a resetttlement agency when they arrive, asylees have to find their own way. The Pennsylvania Asylee Outreach Project (AOP) is a unique program that ensures that the needs of the asylee community throughout Pennsylvania are served in the same way as refugees. Funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program, the AOP provides many different services free of cost. These include direct information-and-referral services, along with case management for those already granted asylum status.

Common client needs include application for and correction of identification documents; access to public benefits and Federal student financial aid; employment authorization advocacy; and counsel related to asylee relative petitions and applications to adjust status to legal permanent resident (green cards). The AOP is able to represent a limited number of low-income asylees in their applications for adjustment of status. In addition, the AOP organizes self-sufficiency workshops for asylees on topics such as home ownership, finding a job and access to health care. If you would like to partner with the AOP on a workshop, please contact the coordinator, Shaloo Jose at 215-832-0900 or

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