Pennsylvania - The Beautiful Crossing


Alana Murphy is biking across the United States with a mission. In every state her wheels take her, she meets refugees who have trekked thousands of miles to reach their goals. When she stopped in Pennsylvania, Alana met many refugees resettled by HIAS PA who lived in Philadelphia and were willing to share their experiences.

Merhawi for example, is from Ethiopia but has been in the U.S. for 5 years now. To him, "being American is, like I think of it as having this limitless capability to not only improve yourself but also the people that you have left behind."

Ashok had the same hope for his family when he arrived here and held onto it ever since. He was proud to say, "Here is a lot of opportunities that we didn’t have when we were in refugee camp. The futures of our kids will be bright here. I see these beautiful futures for our upcoming generation, so I am really proud of these things."

The stories don't stop there. HIAS PA was only the beginning for these ambituous individuals. Each of them are doing their best to reach their checkpoints on the race for their dreams, and Alana won't hesitate to share their stories with you.

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