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Friday, November 20, 2015
10:00 am to 11:00 am

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2015 Golden Door Honoree, Sonia Nazario in the New York Times

Sonia Nazario, pulitzer Prize winining author of Enrique's Journey and HIAS Pennsylvania's 2015 Golden Door Awards Keynote speaker was published in the Sunday, October 10, 2015 Opinion Page of the New York Times. Her compelling piece regarding the on-going central American violence, its toll on children and the role that our government is playing in failing them can be read here.

HIAS Pennsylvania Co-Sponsors an Event About Immigrant Youth

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The Center on Violence Against Women and Children in partnership with the Rutgers Law School, Center for Migration and the Global City, Center for Latino Arts and Culture and HIASPA is pleased to host a panel discussing the U.S. government response to the arrival of large numbers of unaccompanied children fleeing their homes in Central America. Topics will include the national policy and advocacy challenges raised by the crisis, and the lessons learned.

Statement on the Syrian and World Refugee Crisis: What You Can Do to Help

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As we witnessed the drowning of a three-year old, the building of barbed wire fencing to keep out refugees, and the blocking of transport routes in Europe for those fleeing from war and despair, we can counter these tragedies and inhuman acts by taking action. 

Immigrant Youth Advocacy Project Supervising Attorney to Co-Present at Upcoming PLAN Conference

Elizabeth Yeager, Supervising Attorney of our Immigrant Youth Advocacy Project will be co-presenting an Immigration 101 Training with Friends of Farmworkers on Friday, October 2, 2015. The training will be provided as part of the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network (PLAN) Conference scheduled to take place in Harrisburg, PA on October 1 and 2. Details about the Plan Conference are available here.

Human Rights First, a Collaborator with HIAS PA, will Conduct Asylum Training on September 30, 2015

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Asylum Law and Representing Families in Immigration Detention - Training on September 30, 2015

Human Rights First, with the support of Blank Rome LLP, is running a training in September for attorneys interested in taking a pro bono case at the Berks County Family Residential Center and others interested in learning more about asylum law and procedure. No prior experience in immigration law is necessary.

Nobel Prize Winner Weighs in On Refugee Crisis, quotes HIAS, Inc.'s CEO

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American Nobel prize winner Alvin E. Roth wrote a compelling piece about the refugee crisis in Europe and in doing so talked about HIAS, Inc.'s role in re-settling his wife. He also quoted Mark Hetfield, HIAS, Inc.'s CEO, who shared what he has learned as head of a refugee resettlement agency, "'refugees go and integrate where they have family, where they have community, or where they think they can support themselves — in that order.”

HIAS Pennsylvania's Immigrant Youth Advocate Team Hopeful after Great New Jersey Supreme Court Decision

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On Monday, August 26, 2015, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued its decision in HSP v. JK and KG v. MS, companion cases deciding issues related to Special Iimmigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) in the New Jersey state courts.The court issued a unanimous decision, directing trial courts to make all findings related to SIJS and prohibiting them from making any findings related to eligibility for SIJS.

Staff Attorney Elizabeth Yaeger in the News!

On Monday, August 17, 2015, HIAS PA Immigrant Youth Advocacy Project Supervising Attorney Elizabeth Yaeger was interviewed by Telemundo. The interview included our Citizenship Day campaign partner, Mayor's Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs Executive Director, Jennifer Rodriquez.

Forensic Evaluators, Explained

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NPR recently ran an interview with a forensic evaluator explaining the process of proving claims for asylum and why it's necessary to have medical professionals as part of that process. It's a great explanation of this core part of our work.


Link to the interview (and text version if you can't listen), titled "Before Obtaining Asylum, Refugees Must Show The Scars Behind The Stories" below.



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