Portrait of a Donor: Honoring Grandpa on His Naturalization Anniversary

Earlier this month, we got an exciting package in our mailbox: Harriet Katz, made a gift in honor of the 100th anniversary of her grandfather's naturalization and included with it a copy of the originial naturalization certificate (below) and a photo of her grandfather and grandmother (to the left)
Nathan Katz came to New York from Russia in or near modern day Kiev, Ukraine in the 1890's. He and his wife Molly had 6 boys, including Harriet's father, who grew up in New York speaking Yiddish. He eventually moved to Dayton, Ohio.

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Marli's Story

Our youngest Emma Lazarus Legacy Member, Marli, sent in this explanation of why she decided to commit some of her Bat Mitzvah donations to HIAS Pennsylvania and the Fund:

Thomas G. McGill Tappeh

When asked about his life, Thomas G. McGill Tappeh begins with his grandfather. As a king of the Dan people living in Liberia, his grandfather Tappeh was known to be powerful but peaceful. Despite his stature in society, Tappeh understood that in order for his children to be successful, they would require a formal education. This belief was transmitted through the generations to Thomas, whose whole life has focused on education.

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