Immigration Legal Services

HIAS Pennsylvania’s legal services are essential in helping immigrants and refugees navigate the complexities of the United States immigration system. Legal services are provided to low-income residents in our region by a team of highly experienced attorneys and Board of Immigration Appeals Accredited Representatives. Our staff speaks a combined 12 languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Khmer, Russian, and French.

Legal services are provided in various areas, as listed below. HIAS Pennsylvania is not able to accept all cases that otherwise meet its eligibility requirements and does not provide assistance with employment-based visa petitions.


Specialized Services

Asylum: We fight for human rights by representing those fleeing persecution in their home countries.

Citizenship: We help those applying for naturalization, with a special focus on immigrants who are elderly or have disabilities.

Deportation/Removal Defense: We represent immigrants in immigration court.

Family Unity: We help reunite immigrant and refugee families by providing legal assistance in immigration matters, including the filing of family petitions, applications for adjustment of status and consular processing.

Humanitarian Relief: We assist those applying for Temporary Protected Status and other humanitarian applications for relief.

Immigrant Youth Advocacy Project: We help vulnerable children obtain protection under U.S. immigration laws and provide Know Your Rights educational trainings.

Latino Outreach and Immigration Services: We provide in-person immigration legal assistance specifically for Latinos at partner sites ACLAMO and Puentes de Salud.

PHIILS: Pennsylvania HIAS Indigent Immigrant Legal Services (PHIILS) provides civil legal services to immigrant youth, survivors of interpersonal violence and other vulnerable immigrants who are at or below 187.5% of the poverty level.

Victims of Domestic Violence: We help immigrants who have been the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Victims of Crime (non-DV): We help immigrants who have been the victims of crime here in the United States.