Gin Sum

Gin Sum was born in Burma where he lived with his father and mother and his four siblings in Chin Hill.  His father was a Christian spiritual leader who was targeted by the military junta.  When Gin was just three years old, his father fled Burma to the United States where he gained asylum. Gin’s family was separated from his father for 17 years. They eventually fled to India where they applied for refugee protection.
In 2009, Gin’s father developed a terminal illness.  He reached out to HIAS Pennsylvania seeking assistance to be reunited with his family. HIAS Pennsylvania helped expedite the family reunification application and finally, in December 2009 Gin and his family were reunited with his father.  Gin and his family are grateful they had a year together before his father passed away. 
Gin joined our refugee resettlement team as a case aide in January 2011. He was promoted to Refugee Housing & Basic Needs Coordinator job in July 2014 and became Employment Coordinator in July 2016. Gin speaks Burmese and Tedim(Zomi) dialect.