Get Out the Vote: New Citizen Edition

Aung Myo Twin arrived with his wife as a Burmese refugee in 2008 and was resettled by HIAS Pennsylvania. He fled from his country in 1996 and from the age of 15 lived in a refugee camp for twelve years. When he and his family arrived in this country, Resa Rudney, a volunteer from Main Line Reform, became the “American Mother” for this family and “grandmother” for the daughter, who was born in the United States. 
About 4 years ago the family moved to Kentucky to join their friends from childhood. It was not easy for them to adjust to a new place but they did it. Even after moving, however, they stayed in touch with Resa. She even visited them in Kentucky.
Recently, Aung successfully passed his citizenship exam and became a United States Citizen. When Resa talked to him over the phone she asked if he is going to vote. He said that he love to but he doesn’t know what the difference is between Republican and Democrats or what a polling place is. Resa immediately went on the internet, found political party headquarters in Bowling Green, KY and called them and asked them to go to Aung’s home and explain everything.
Aung called Resa last week and told her that he had heard from a political group that called and explained everything to him and said that he could expect help at the polls if he needed it. As a result of this assistance he was able to find materials about the candidates and read up on them and this November he cast his first vote!