Mental Health Professional Volunteer Opportunity

Psychological Evaluator

Program: Legal Services

Minimum Time Requirements: As needed to provide adequate services comporting with professional standards.

Brief Description: Provide psychological evaluations of immigrants petitioning for asylum and other forms of legal status as part of their application process. Includes victims of trauma, abuse and other forms of torture or stress.

Will travel be required? No. 

Are there language needs? No, interpreters will be provided by HIAS Pennsylvania when needed.

Will training be provided? There are occasional orientations provided by HIAS Pennsylvania for psychological evaluators to explain the interplay between immigration law and psychology. Mentors are available.

Minimum educational/degree requirements

  1. License in Psychology, Psychiatry, or Clinical Social Work.
  2. Malpractice insurance coverage
  3. Relevant experience and/or training, such as Physician’s for Human Rights, HealthRights International, Penn Human Rights Clinic or similar forensic training for asylum seekers.

Mental Health Therapy Volunteer? If you are interested in providing culturally appropriate mental health assistance to immigrants and refugees in the Philadelphia area, please complete a Volunteer Form (see below link). 


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