Community Integration & Support

Refugees being resettled in Philadelphia are unfamiliar with local culture and practices. Through cultural and other kinds of orientations, as well as workshops, HIAS Pennsylvania provides refugees with the knowledge and skills that they will need to become an integrated and vital part of their neighborhoods and the greater community of Philadelphia. Orientations include: culture; personal and housing safety; financial literacy; transportation; weatherization and preparing for winter; geography of neighborhood and city; US money; emergency services and procedures; and American norms of personal interaction. 

The orientations are designed to give refugees the tools they need to succeed in their new home, minimize the culture shock of making a home in a new country, and provide support as they become members of the community Philadelphia community.

Currently the refugee program provides:

  • Extended case-management for medically complex cases
  • Organized community-based education programming
  • Facilitation of a English and women's groups
  • Support for community development and organization