Recapturing a Future

Jinsi was fourteen when they came. The military stormed her small village and forced her father to work for them. And then he was gone. Dead. When the military insisted her mother take his place, her mother decided that there was only one thing to do: flee.

Announcing new Director of Refugee Programming and Planning

We are proud to announce Rona Buchalter has been named the new Director of Refugee Programming and Planning.
Rona has developed and led several education-related programs in Philadelphia over the past 20 years. Most recently, she led the team founding Independence Charter School West in Southwest Philadelphia, a public K-8 school focused on global citizenship and language acquisition.

In The News: Anti-semitism in Trump's America echoes the anti-semitism many fled in Russia

"And now it’s my Syrian friend, who had lost two of his brothers to ISIS and was brought by HIAS—a nonprofit with American Jewish roots—to Philadelphia, who shares my horror and sees in it a reflection of his own."

This article discusses the affects of gun-violence on the Jewsish community written by HIAS Pennsylvania's volunteer, Olga Livshin, as she shares her personal experience. Find out more here

Annual Golden Door Awards 2019: Cathryn Miller-Wilson's remarks

Thank you again, honorees, for the wonderful work that you do, for the example you set, the support you provide and for creating the camaraderie that makes it an absolute joy to undertake the work of welcome together. If you are inspired by what you have heard, we couldn’t do our work, this work that is so critical in this time, without your financial support. So I shamelessly stand before you and ask you to give more – baskets are being brought around.

Immigrant Imprisonment – The Facts Behind Family Separation and Detention

Today has been declared a national day to protest family (and individual) detention and family separation. Why should we protest detention when there are unprecedented numbers – according to the President and media – of immigrants trying to cross our borders? Follow the money. As our country’s de-incarceration movement takes hold, immigrants are easy substitutes for black and brown citizens. The same amount of federal dollars that flowed towards the War on Drugs can now flow towards the War on Immigrants.

In the News: HIAS PA Immigrant Youth Initiative Supervising Attorney Elizabeth Yaeger speaks about detained youth

Read here for the Philadelphia Inquirer discussion of the profit that companies like Visionquest now make detaining immigrant children. HIAS PA Immigrant Youth Supervising Attorney Elizabeth Yaeger is quoted speaking about the effect detention is having on these children who used to be more quickly released to their families. Visionquest's facility in North Philadelphia is currently being blocked by the city for zoning violations.


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