Statement on the Syrian and World Refugee Crisis: What You Can Do to Help


As we witnessed the drowning of a three-year old, the building of barbed wire fencing to keep out refugees, and the blocking of transport routes in Europe for those fleeing from war and despair, we can counter these tragedies and inhuman acts by taking action. 

1.    You can set up an educational meeting with your congregation, organization or professional association to learn more about the refugee situation and how you can help HIAS PA support new refugees through donations of household goods, clothes or through mentoring a new family.  Refugees who connect with volunteers feel more welcomed and become self-sufficient sooner in their new country.  If you want to set up such an event contact Cathyrn Miller-Wilson at or Carrie Fox-Kline

2.  You can donate to HIAS PA so we have the resources to coordinate and train volunteers and to provide the direct assistance to refugees and asylum seekers.  To donate go to           

3.  Your organization can sign a letter to President Obama asking our government to increase the numbers of refugees the U.S. will resettle in 2016 to share our responsibility with Europe. To sign the petition go to

Judith Bernstein-Baker