Statement on Pittsburgh Tragedy

We are deeply saddened by the attack in Pittsburgh. The desire to say something profound and healing is so strong but I fear that at times like this we are speechless with sadness, fear and concern. We stand together with the synagogue members at Tree of Life, our Pittsburgh colleagues at Jewish Children and Family Services (HIAS's Pittsburgh affiliate), and the Pittsburgh community. And every shooting brings back the trauma of prior shootings, at the Charleston South Carolina church, at the Pulse nightclub, the Newtown Elementary School at the Florida high school at the Las Vegas concert. Hate motivated shootings are terrible as are any violent attacks. And the propaganda of hate and fear that is being perpetuated with the rise in anti-immigrant/refugee rhetoric and policies stokes that fire. The United States, at its greatest, is a celebration of love, not hate. The facts about the economic and psychological good that immigrants, interfaith and interracial coalitions bring are abundant and have been reported in government as well as independent sources and are there for anyone to read. We urge support and love for Pittsburgh at this terrible time and renewed commitment to see our shared humanity in each other.

What can you do?

The U.S. Government the public charge rule, that would place a wealth test on immigrants trying to achieve the American Dream.

But you can fight back.

The government must respond to every unique comment submitted. Thus, every comment that is made delays the rules from going into effect.

"Public Charge" Rule:

The proposed "Public Charge" Rule would make it difficult for families (particularly elderly parents) to reunite with the rest of their families. It will scare immigrants away from seeking access to health care, nutrition, and housing programs,  harming families and children. It would make us a sicker, poorer, and hungrier nation.

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DEADLINE: December 10, 2018