Refugee Thanksgiving 2016

Sunday, over 100 of you came to Old Pine Community Center. You brought food and energy, but most importantly, you brought openness.
We were planning on just sending you a great big, HIAS PA is thankful for all of you. But then we received this note from one of our interns, Rachel Townzen, who spent her summer working in a refugee camp in Jordan:
"In the camps, I didn't see dancing, I didn't hear music, and I certainly didn't see smiling adults and laughing kids. So you can imagine how much it filled my heart to see Syrians enjoying all the above last night and knowing that at least a handful of people in that room were living in Za'atari or Azraq when I visited the camps this summer. Four months ago, I was an aid worker touring the dusty streets that some of these families were forced to call home, but yesterday, we were in the same place again, half a world away, except this time we were all just Americans sharing a Thanksgiving meal in a city that we've adopted as our home away from home."
And we thought that said it all. 
Thanks to you, our volunteers, donors and refugees, the HIAS Pennsylvania family has had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. As you celebrate with your own families this Thursday, let your hearts be warmed by the joy and love that we shared together.
Keep on welcoming! Donate on Giving Tuesday, and your gift will be doubled. Every gift up to $5,000 given between 12:01am and 11:59pm, Tuesday, November 29th will be matched. So mark your calendars and give!
Special thanks to Old Pine Community Center for providing the space and food donations, Society Hill Synagogue for providing tables and chairs, Main Line Reform Synagogue for providing clothing donations, Ami Yares for providing a sound system and music and Health Partner Plans for providing the buses.