One Year Later: Refugees and Immigrants still under attack



Just over one year after the travel ban that brought protests to airports all over the country, immigrants and refugees are still under attack. Instead of being held in airports, immigrants are being held in detention centers. Instead of being halted when boarding the airplanes, refugees are never given the chance to board the airplanes at all.



After one year:

  • The refugee ceiling has been lowered from 85,000 to 45,000, and if refugee arrivals keep to the pace they have in the first quarter, the number of refugees resettled this year could be 25,000; this would be fewer than came after 9/11, although there has not been an increase in terrorist attacks and the world is experiencing the greatest refugee crisis since World War II

  • The third version of the travel ban is making its way through the courts.

  • Detentions have far surpassed those that occurred during a comparable era under President Obama - who was known as the “deporter in Chief” because of his significant increase in detentions - and ICE has significantly increased the number of non-criminal undocumented immigrants it has picked up.

  • Immigration process waits are increasing, and necessary applications have been lengthened, as USCIS uses bureaucracy to slow down immigration.

  • DACA has been rescinded and other forms of legal immigration are being held hostage for their path to citizenship.

  • Hundreds of thousands of individuals from Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Haiti have lost their Temporary Protected Status and are facing detention and deportation regardless of whether they have families and jobs here and regardless of whether they have any criminal record.

A year ago, many of you took to the streets. But this fight is not about one day. It’s not about one fight. Today it is DACA, tomorrow it might be family reunification. But immigration, the thing that makes America great, is under attack. HIAS PA will be their advocating at large, but also for the individual. We will be there to ensure that those who want to get citizenship have the opportunity. We will be there to ensure that all those who need support have someone to turn to.