May 2016 Newsletter: One Man’s Journey through War to Save his Son and other HIAS PA News


One Man's Journey Through War to Save His Son

Mustafa* knows two kinds of fear: the suffocating fear of dying or losing a loved one in a bomb blast, and the slow creeping fear of watching his youngest child slowly die before his eyes and being unable to do anything about it.

Mustafa lived a simple life. Every day he crossed a bridge to the local market where he sold ceramics. At night, he came home to his wife and three children.


But when the Syrian War began, the simple act of crossing a bridge—now the border between the rebels and Assad’s government—became dangerous. Every day as Mustafa walked across the bridge, he didn’t know if he would live or die. Click here to read more. 

*Name has been changed.

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Why We Do What We Do

Philippe, our managing attorney, recently received this from one of his clients. It reminds us why we do what we do:

Jun and I would like to thank you for your diligent assistance on our immigration case. We are extremely grateful for your genuine concern, your professionalism, and your guidance through the process of obtaining a green card. The fear of deportation has been lifted and life in the United States is taking on a completely new meaning for us. Freedom, and a new beginning has finally arrived.

You, and HIAS PA, have given us the opportunity to live a full and productive life. We are married now, we are happy and we are free because of your help and the help of HIAS Pennsylvania.

You will always have a special place within our hearts. Please know that we wish you all the goodness you deserve as we hope the universe will shine a bright and continuous light upon you. Thank you, Philippe. Thank you HIAS Pennsylvania. May all your journeys be blessed with peace, prosperity, and joy.

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An Eye on the News

U.S. refuge a life-or-death matter for childrenA letter from Judith Bernstein-Baker and Cathryn Miller Wilson in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the recent deportations of Central American Children.

Kenney rejects U.S. request to reverse “sanctuary city” status: Major Kenney has promised to keep Philadelphia as a sanctuary city as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer

Campaign spurs immigrants to become citizens and voteCitizenship Day was a great success—learn about some of the immigrants we helped as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer

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