HIAS PA Issues Digest #8: DACA Rescinded and more

Eighth Edition                                                                               September 11, 2017  

HIAS Pennsylvania Immigration Issues Digest 

DACA Program Rescinded


9th Circuit rules that Resettlement Agencies have
“bona fide” relationship

In the continuing litigation against the Travel Ban, the 9th Circuit has concurred with a Hawaii Federal Judge that the State Department interpretation of “bona fide” relationships is too limited. The decision is in regards to the Supreme Court announcement which upheld President Trump’s travel ban except for individuals who have “bona fide” relationships to individuals or entities. The 9th Circuit also confirmed that grandparents and other relatives are also bona fide relationships. They also ruled that the decision would take effect in five days rather than the usual 52.

What does this mean for refugees?

After the Supreme Court Announcement in June, the number of refugees coming into the United States has slowed to a trickle. This decision allows refugees who have already been vetted and assigned to refugee resettlement agencies to come to the United States in the coming weeks and months rather than waiting until the ban expires in October. HIAS Pennsylvania hopes that at least ten more individuals will be able to come in the next month or so due to this decision.

What can you do?

The presidential determination for how many refugees should come to the United States will be made by October 1, but it still needs congressional approval. Refugees contribute to our economy, our diversity and need our help now more than ever. The travel bans have been instituted without any evidence that they were necessary in the first place. The United States has settled more than 70,000 refugees per year over the last several years without a single security problem caused by a refugee.

Instituting a refugee ceiling lower than it’s been in more than fifteen years is unjustifiable. Call your Representative or Senator to ensure that they don’t rubber stamp the ceiling and that we accept at least 70,000 refugees.

HIAS Pennsylvania In the News

DACA Rally

We were at the DACA rally in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s pictures from the rally feature many of our staff.


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