Latino Outreach and Immigration Services

The LOIS Program is a special project of HIAS Pennsylvania generously supported by The PEW Charitable Trusts.  This program is a collaboration between HIAS Pennsylvania, Puentes de Salud and ACLAMO.  Through this collaboration HIAS Pennsylvania is providing immigration legal assistance at our partner sites.  Individuals with immigration related questions or concerns receiving services at one of our partner sites will have an opportunity to speak with an immigration specialist during the following times:

            ACLAMO: the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month
            Puentes De Salud: the 2nd Wednesday of every other month

Services Offered

Family Unity: We promote family unity through legal assistance in applying for family petitions, adjustment of status applications and consular processing
Citizenship: We help those applying for naturalization, with a special focus on immigrants who are elderly or have disabilities
Victims of violence: We help immigrants who have been the victims of domestic violence or other types of  violent crimes
Immigrant Youth: We help protect unaccompanied immigrant youth (those not with their parents)
Deportation/Removal Defense: We represent immigrants in immigration court
Asylum: We fight for human rights by representing those fleeing persecution in their home countries
Humanitarian Relief: We assist those individuals applying for Temporary Protected Status and other humanitarian applications for relief.

HIAS Pennsylvania provides services in numerous languages. HIAS Pennsylvania staff providing services to individuals seen through the LOIS program are fluent Spanish speakers. All consultations with HIAS Pennsylvania are confidential.

Individuals can contact HIAS Pennsylvania for consults dates at 215-832-0900.


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