Our Impact

Our overarching goal is to promote the full integration of immigrants and refugees into U.S. society by:

Impact on New Americans 

• Preventing poverty through assistance with housing, employment, and links to language classes and other vital services

• Facilitating economic self-sufficiency by assisting individuals in securing legal status and work authorization

• Reuniting families by assisting immigrants in filing family petitions and sponsoring family members abroad to enter the U.S.

• Keeping families together by representing people who seek regularization of status

• Encouraging total integration into mainstream society and civic engagement by helping new Americans to become citizens

• Preventing exploitation of immigrants and refugees by providing skilled immigration legal services at low fees or no fees

Impact on Long Term Community Improvements

Educating human-service, health-care and other providers--and the general public--about issues faced by immigrants and refugees

Immigrants with stable immigration status increase their financial independence and gain access to critical safety net benefits, such as health care. Furthermore, many immigrants become successful professionals, business people and cultural contributors. Forty-one percent of all Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or the children of immigrants. Other immigrants fill niche occupations, including agricultural work, child care and health care work.

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