Helping refugees find jobs in Philadelphia

Tony Hochstetler, founder of Homeworks Cleaning Service, is an entrepreneur. He started Homeworks as a business that would offer people responsible young workers to clean their homes.

After hearing about HIAS PA from a friend, Tony decided to consider its clients as employees. “The nice thing about the people we have employed from HIAS,” Tony said, “is that they are already screened and are responsible. We are mesmerized by the experiences these people have had before they came to the States. The grit they had to show in the journey here gives them something that is often lacking in native born Americans. They are wonderful workers.”

An example is Susannah, a young woman working for Homeworks who came from Myanmar. “She was a refugee from the political tumult there,” Tony said. “She is an absolute delight, so accommodating to the clients she serves.”

Tony said the fastest growth period for his firm is in the spring. He looks forward to considering other HIAS PA clients, expecting them to be as good as Susannah.

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