Elderly and Disabled Immigrants

Who do we help?

We help immigrants and refugees who are elderly or mentally/physically disabled and over 18 years old.

Why do we help?

Citizenship is especially critical for elderly and disabled immigrants in order to continue to access crucial safety-net benefits. Because naturalization applications for elderly and medically needy immigrants are far more complex, they need special expertise.

How do we help?

While our staff provides naturalization services for all immigrants, we have specialized experts to assist medically needy immigrants and refugees in applying for citizenship. We help them obtain medical waivers, language-test waivers, and waivers for naturalization filing fees (currently $725).

We can accompany vulnerable clients to their appointments with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and act as their legal representatives. We also conduct a citizenship class specifically for the elderly; our graduates have a 99% pass rate.


Need help with citizenship?

To schedule an appointment, contact HIAS Pennsylvania at 215-832-0900.

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