Immigrant Youth

Represent Unaccompanied Children in Immigration Proceedings

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Please join us for a free* pro bono CLE** training opportunity

A Training Sponsored by the ABA Labor and Employment Law Section and

HIAS Pennsylvania

When:             November 4, 2015 2-4pm

Where:            Loews Hotel, 1200 Market Street

HIAS Pennsylvania Co-Sponsors an Event About Immigrant Youth

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The Center on Violence Against Women and Children in partnership with the Rutgers Law School, Center for Migration and the Global City, Center for Latino Arts and Culture and HIASPA is pleased to host a panel discussing the U.S. government response to the arrival of large numbers of unaccompanied children fleeing their homes in Central America. Topics will include the national policy and advocacy challenges raised by the crisis, and the lessons learned.

HIAS Pennsylvania's Immigrant Youth Advocate Team Hopeful after Great New Jersey Supreme Court Decision

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On Monday, August 26, 2015, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued its decision in HSP v. JK and KG v. MS, companion cases deciding issues related to Special Iimmigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) in the New Jersey state courts.The court issued a unanimous decision, directing trial courts to make all findings related to SIJS and prohibiting them from making any findings related to eligibility for SIJS.

In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors

In November of 2014, the State Department's Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (RRM) announced a new in-country refugee/parole program for Central American children who are El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras nationals, currently reside in these countries, and have one or both parents lawfully present in the United States. To be eligible, the child must under 21 and unmarried.

Unaccompanied Minor Pro Bono Training on September 30, 2014


HIAS Pennsylvania, together with the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association Pro Bono Committee and La Comunidad Hispana,conducted a training for immigration and family law attorneys interested in representing unaccompanied minors on September 30th, 2014. Below are links to video of the training.

Executive Director to Attend White House's National Immigrant & Refugee Integration Convening


HIAS Pennsylvania's Executive Director has been selected to attend the National Immigrant & Refugee Integration Convening at the White House on July 16, 2014. The event will include break-out sessions with local and national lecturers on various topics including:

Awake to Justice: Immigration Activism for Synagogues and Congregants

What This Calendar Can Help You Do

● Educate

  • There are many ways to educate your synagogue community about immigrants’ rights. From Hebrew School lessons to immigration shabbat services to materials for use around holidays, you’ll find many opportunities to increase your community’s awareness of the issues facing immigrants today.

● Donate

Statement on Efforts to Eliminate Executive Authority of President

HIAS Pennsylvania just learned that a vote is expected today in the House of Representatives to eliminate President Obama’s executive authority by a vote on ENFORCE Act (HR 4138) and the Faithful Execution of the Law Act (HR 3973). As Congressional action on immigration reform has stagnated, President Obama used his executive power to create Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) where hundreds of thousands of youth who have spent the majority of their lives in the U.S.

Providing Know Your Rights Sessions to Unaccompanied Youth

Each year, thousands of children fleeing war and poverty enter the United States unaccompanied by an adult or separated from their parents or legal guardians. Although many of them meet conditions that would allow them to remain in the country legally, going through immigration proceedings without legal help is daunting.
In April of 2013, the offices of HIAS Pennsylvania got a call: the Vera Institute of Justice  had a project and our organization was perfect to undertake it.


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