Call to Action: Community Gardens, Urban Farms at Risk

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Community gardening and farming has been transformative for refugee communities living in Philadelphia.  These green spaces not only provide access to healthy food, but also serve as a cultural bridge between new families and other residents. Many refugees have agricultural roots, and the opportunity to grow food allows them to contribute to their new neighborhoods while making a foreign city feel more like home.  Staff from area refugee resettlement agencies are working to promote and expand refugee gardening in Philadelphia. 

El Viaje de Los Ninos (The Children's Journey) at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

If you missed the exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania last year this is your second chance to see this art exhibit which movingly tells the stories of Mexican immigrant children living in Philadelphia.  The art project was facilitated by Nora Litz and our partners at Puentes De Salud.  The art work and narratives that accompany them, prepared by the students themselves, help us understand the journey that these courageous children have undertaken.  

Where: Philadelphia's Magic Garden

When: January 25 - February 24, 2013

Joint Statement on The Supreme Court's Decision in Arizona Case

Supreme Court’s Arizona Immigration Decision Supports Federal Authority in Immigration But Potential for Racial Profiling Remains

A Joint Statement from HIAS Pennsylvania and the Jewish Community Relations Council on Behalf of the Greater Philadelphia Jewish Coalition on Immigration

Stand with Immigrants During the Upcoming Supreme Court Hearings on Arizona's SB 1070

Next week the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding the constitutionality of Arizona's immigration enforcement law SB 1070. The purpose of SB 1070, as stated by the Arizona legislature, is to keep undocumented immigrants from coming to Arizona and to drive out those already in the state.  HIAS Pennsylvania stands strongly opposed to these attacks on immigrants which violate the core Jewish teaching of ‘Welcoming the Stranger’. 

Planned Events for 'Why Immigration Matters'

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Greater Philadelphia Jewish Coalition on Immigration

Why Immigration Matters: A Month of Jewish Reflection, Study and Action

Planned Events (to date)

March: JCRC Interfaith Seder

March 24  - Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (Judi Bernstein-Baker, Tamara Cohen and Mia-lia Kiernan)

April 7 - Congregation Adath Jeshurun (Rabbi Carol Harris-Shapiro: The Thirty-First Annual Passover Gathering: Why Immigration Matters)

Write to Your PA Representatives; Oppose Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Send this letter to your State Representatives to urge them to oppose pending Pennsylvania legislation that will hurt immigrants and other marginalized communities.

It's even better if you add your own personal comments!

Want to know who to sent it to?

Search for your PA legislator by address or county here.

Please Support the PA Compact

HIAS Pennsylvania recently joined a coalition of political, business, law enforcement, religious, and community leaders committed to practical, inclusive immigration policies. The Pennsylvania Compact is their declaration of principles to guide Pennsylvania’s immigration discussion and policy making, promoting “family cohesion, freedom, public safety, and a strong economy.”

Urge Your Representative to Reauthorize the Lautenberg Amendment

The Lautenberg Amendment, which helps persecuted religious minorities fleeing Iran and the former Soviet Union, expired on June 1, 2011. The provision must be renewed each year. A failure to reauthorize the Amendment would make it difficult for the U.S. to protect Christian, Jewish, Baha’i, and other religious minorities fleeing Iran and could end family reunification for Jews and Evangelicals in the Former Soviet Union with relatives in the U.S.


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