Inspired and Inspiring: For HIAS Pennsylvania, Immigration is a Personal Issue

During the convention weeks, as politicians and individuals staked their position on immigration, one story stood out—Karla Ortiz’s speech about her experience living with undocumented parents.  Her story resonated with me because I have also lived in fear of deportation of my family. Just like Karla’s parents, my parents came to this country in search of the American Dream and a better life.

Important Announcement from Judi Bernstein-Baker

Dear Friends and Colleagues:
After an amazing, inspiring and challenging 18 years as Executive Director of HIAS Pennsylvania, I have decided it is time to “pass the torch” to a new leader.  I plan to transition out of the position of Executive Director of HIAS Pennsylvania on October 31, 2016, but will remain involved on some special projects at the organization afterwards.  From now until then I will continue to work hard to nurture and lead the organization.

One Man’s Journey Through War to Save His Son

Mustafa* knows two kinds of fear: the suffocating fear of dying or losing a loved one in a bomb blast, and the slow creeping fear of watching his youngest child slowly die before his eyes and being unable to do anything about it.

Mustafa lived a simple life. Every day he crossed a bridge to the local market where he sold ceramics. At night, he came home to his wife and three children.

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Spotlight on an employee: Mary McCabe

When Mary McCabe meets with children from Honduras, El  Salvador, or Guatemala, she is struck by their hope. They have  left their homes and ventured alone to the US leaving behind  worlds of gang violence, domestic and sexual abuse, extreme  poverty in their communities, and abandonment by their families.

The Words of a Donor



On New Year's Eve, a donation was hand delivered to us. A woman at a local business had asked for donations from fellow employees at her place of work and raised over $500. But even more, she wrote us words that speak to the reason we do what we do:

Spotlight on an Employee: Alhaji Saccoh

Alhaji Saccoh did not feel like he had enough to do. He was working part-time, and though he ran a nonprofit supporting two schools in his home village in Sierra Leone, he still felt a sense of restlessness. So one day in 2010, he walked into a fire station and asked how he could help. It was that day that Saccoh became a volunteer firefighter at Collingdale 1 Fire House.

President's Action to Help Immigrant Parents of US Citizen Children Stalled by Court of Appeals

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Numbers are an important part of the Jewish experience: the five books of Moses; 7 days of the week; 13 years for a bnai mitzvah; 613 commandments and; 1 G-d. We, along with those of other faiths, use numbers to try to capture the infinity of life as well as the singularity of a connection with G-d and the universe.
So too, do we use numbers in our daily life to help us understand the vast complexity of the world we live in.

FREE Citizenship Classes

The Philadelphia Citizenship Action Network (P-CAN) offers:

FREE citizenship classes*

FREE or REDUCED citizenship applications assistance





Our next information session and screening will be for seniors 55+ held at the

KleinLife Center

10100 Jamison Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19116

Friday, November 20, 2015
10:00 am to 11:00 am

Please bring a copy of your Green Card

To apply, you must:


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