TESOL Student Volunteer Opportunity

It may be possible to obtain academic credit for your volunteer work.

Program: Refugee Resettlement

Minimum Time Requirements: 3 consistent, continuous hours per week (1 hour prep, 2 hours in class), three (3) months per year.

Brief Description: Assist certified TESOL instructor in teaching ESL to incoming refugees and coordinating programming. 

Will travel be required? No.

Are there language needs? No.

Will training be provided? Yes, training, supervision and mentoring will be provided by HIAS Pennsylvania staff and ESL Teachers working with HIAS Pennsylvania refugees.

Minimum educational/degree requirements: Must be enrolled in a TESOL Certification program.

All volunteers must have PA Criminal Background and Child Abuse Clearances completed before starting ($10 for each).

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Date of request: 8/20/2014

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