Tamara Cohen

Tamara is currently the rabbinic social justice intern at HIAS Pennsylvania and a student at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. Before moving to Philadelphia, Tamara has worked as the Program Director of Ma'yan: The Jewish Women's Project at the JCC in Manhattan, as the Spiritual Director of the Greater Washington Coalition for Jewish Life, as the Director of Multicultural Affairs at the University of Florida. She also served as the Associate Dean of Students at Gratz College. She has published numerous articles on issues of inclusion in the Jewish community and edited a haggadah on the nexus of feminism, social justice and Jewish life and text. She enjoys teaching Jewish texts, helping people make connections between Judaism and contemporary issues of social justice, and inspiring them to believe that they can make a difference. She is available to teach "What's Jewish About Immigration: Exploring the Ethical Imperative to Help the Stranger in Jewish Sources." She is also available to speak in tandem with a member of DREAM Activist Pennsylvania on Immigration Stories: From the Bible to Ellis Island to Today.

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