Donate T-Shirts to Create Art!

This is not an ad from Urban Outfitters - it is indeed the work of one of our recently resettled refugee clients, who is attempting to re-start the crafts business she started in Malaysia.

The woman - we'll call her N - crochets items and sells them in various stores, fairs, and online locations.The sales provide supplemental income and help ensure that her family (husband and two young girls) is financially secure. Once N's business is underway, she wants to teach other community members how to make and sell items themselves, but right now, she needs donations to get started.

She makes her works using one of two materials: yarns or new t-shirts cut into strips. Please considering donating either of those materials or providing gift cards to the AC Moore in South Philadelphia where she can purchase supplies directly. 

If you or someone you know would like to make a donation of supplies to this client, please contact Morgan Merrell or drop off materials in our building to her attention. (please also leave us your contact information so we know who they are from).

More of her past products are below (not currently for sale). If you be interested in purchasing her products, please also let us know and we can inform you when and where they will be available.





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