URGENT CALL: Keep Our Refugees Warm

HIAS Pennsylvania Needs Warm Blankets and Winter Coats


In the last two weeks, temperatures around Philadelphia have dropped dramatically. You have probably traded in your summer sheets for the down comforter and contemplated cranking up the heat.


Our refugees don't have that luxury.

One of the things that is hardest to come by is enough warm blankets to keep every person we resettle warm in what is promising to be a harsh winter. We need your help. 

If you or anyone you know can provide: 
winter coats
lightly used comforters,
warm blankets
sleeping bags
flannel sheets

please contact Marina Merlin. She will coordinate retreiving and distributing your tax deductible donations.


Want to help but don't have any extras lying around the house? You can purchase new blankets, comforters and any number of other things at our Amazon Wish List and they will be sent straight to the HIAS Pennsylvania offices.



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