Unaccompanied Minors: New Crisis or “Retro”? Judi's Interview with Stephen Pressman

A lot has been written in recent months about the “crisis” of Latin American children spilling over our borders. Some communities re-act as if this migration is altogether new and troubling.

In a recent HIAS Pennsylvania interview, however, it became clear that the phenomena of unaccompanied children fleeing violence and instability is not a new one. Executive Director Judi Bernstein-Baker interviewed journalist and author Stephen Pressman about his documentary and book, “50 Children” about the rescue of 50 unaccompanied Jewish children from Nazi Germany. After much compelling discussion about the bravery of the children and the adults who helped them, an audience member and prominent attorney approached Judi to let her know that her own mother had been an unaccompanied minor who fled Europe during the Holocaust.

After their discussion, Judi was able to find records which revealed that this attorney’s mother, grandmother and aunt had been assisted by HIAS Pennsylvania in their escape and ultimate re-settlement here. Unaccompanied minors who are helped on their journey from violence to stability and ultimately citizenship become ambassadors for peace and justice and invaluable contributors to our community. HIAS Pennsylvania is proud to be one of those helpers for every generation that needs it.

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