September 20th was a Ground Breaking Day

Published September 20, 2016

Today is ground-breaking. We are welcoming 21 refugees to Philadelphia tonight alone. And we need your help.

Tonight, a family of eight is escaping war and torture in Syria to start a new life in Philadelphia. But getting to the US is only the first step. 

From getting a home and furniture to learning how to get around to connecting to a doctor and the school systems they need support. And without language skills and knowledge of American systems, they need even more assistance, negotiating with landlords, dealing with medical issues, and getting a job. 

That is why I am writing to you today. In response to the refugee crisis, HIAS Pennsylvania has resettled 33% more refugees in the last year than in the year before. Please donate to make sure that those refugees get the same quality of service as we have always shown our refugees.

Help us break more ground. If everyone receiving this email donates $54 today, we will raise more money in one day than we have ever done before. And, as we increase the number of refugees we resettle, that money will ensure that refugees arriving in Philadelphia will be provided with the quality services that make coming to the US not only a chance for safety, but for success.

I hope you will help.


Judith Bernstein-Baker

Judith Bernstein-Baker
Executive Director
P. S. This month has brought an unprecedented number of refugees to Philadelphia. We need your help to make sure they get all the support they need to be successful. Donate today!










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