Take action against two rules that adversely affect immigrants

The U.S. Government has proposed three rules that adversely affect immigrants' lives. But you can fight back. 

The government must respond to every unique comment submitted. Thus, every comment that is made delays the rules from going into effect.

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"Public Charge" Rule:

The proposed "Public Charge" Rule would place a wealth test on immigrants striving to achieve the American Dream. It would make it difficult for families (particularly elderly parents) to reunite with the rest of their families. It will scare immigrants away from seeking access to health care, nutrition, and housing programs,  harming families and children. It would make us a sicker, poorer, and hungrier nation.

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DEADLINE: December 10, 2018


"Fee Waiver" Rule:

The proposed "Fee Waiver" Rule  would make it near impossible to prove eligibility for fee waivers by no longer using proof of receiving means tested beneifts as proof of eligibility. This could make not only citizenship, but accessing needed paperwork simply out of reach.

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DEADLINE: November 27, 2018

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