Supporting Sierra Leone from Pennsylvania

Refugee Health Coordinator Alhaji Saccoh wears multiple hats - on top of helping our clients work through the American health care system, he also moonlights as a firefighter in Delaware County and founded and heads the Sierra Leone Children's Fund, a non profit agency he created to support his home country.


The SLCF works in a variety of capacities to help the nation, especially focusing on educational services: school renovations, school health clinics, sports teams and teacher trainings. Recently, though, Alhaji has been working to combine his extracurriculars here with his home by working to raise funds to send donated firefighting gear to his hometown of Freetown, where the is currently only one torn up fire suit to be shared by all the areas firefighters. 


The Collingdale fighfighters in Delaware County ran a donation campaign and amassed a pile of still-viable gear - see below for local coverage from CBS - but are now working to raise the funds to mail the gear over. They are hosting a fundraiser on Sunday May 17th in Collingdale to close the funding gap:



We're so proud of Alhaji and an encourage you to share our support.

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